Vesseltec Processing Tanks Unit

Extensive Capability

A large and extensive range of processing vessels are designed and manufactured to suit customers individual requirements. Great care is taken in selecting and designing the most suitable and cost effective type of processing unit.

Vessels can be manufactured to suit atmospheric or pressure/vacuum conditions incorporating heating/ cooling facilities in the form of jackets or limpet coils.All pressure vessels conform to the latest British European and American standards.

40 to 30,000 litre
Codes BS 5500 ASME 8 etc.
Welding will conform to the above codes using approved procedures.
Vessel finishes anything up to a full mirror.

Mild steel Stainless steel Spiral flow baffles
Limpet Coils 2″ NB to 4* NB suitable for over 100 psi steam pressures
Efficient cooling characteristics reduced vessel wall thickness.
Options on insulation and cladding.

Vesseltec Siemens Simatic HMI 2
Vesseltec Pipework with Tanks and Controls 600 x 450
Vesseltec 26 600 x 450

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