South Yorkshire’s Vesseltec (UK) Limited assured continued success.

Vesseltec (UK) Limited, based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, was acquired by TGM Partners is a firm specialising in the acquisition, transition and growth of owner-managed businesses.

The business was acquired by TGM from Vesseltec’s Owner/Managing director, Ian Smith, in the middle of July 2021. Ian, who is the founder of Vesseltec, has been working in the vessel and mixer industry for over 35 years and he established the company in 1999 because he knew there was a gap in the market, and has been manufacturing vessels for the components for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, and consumer product industry ever since.

Eric Kolodner, who is an original team member and co-founder of TGM Partners, commented: “Vesseltec was on our radar for many years and were we keen, and are very happy to add Vesseltec into the TGM group, which, along with another recent acquisition, will bring our total annual revenue to almost £28m.

Barnsley, South Yorkshire, will continue to be the headquarters and main operating facility, and a growth strategy will be implemented with all staff retaining their jobs. TGM ensures a smooth and seamless transition for employees, customers and suppliers.

In the last four years, TGM has acquired 10 businesses in various industries, several with an engineering focus and the others specialising in designing and manufacturing packaging machinery, bath pods, and high quality sliding doors.

Fellow TGM co-founder Jon Frewin added: “We continued on the acquisition trail throughout the pandemic, and the acquisition of Vesseltec will highlight our four-year track record of providing attractive exit solutions to long-term owners of SMEs in the engineering and industrial manufacturing sectors.

TGM Partners is always looking to expand its scope of manufacturing/engineering capabilities and services across a diversified customer base and an increasing number of blue-chip businesses.

TGM has a “flexible approach to acquisitions which is reflected historically in the previous deals that have been carried out. Ian, the seller of Vesseltec, was looking for a logical, reasonable, and easy transition out of his business. Ian will remain on board and will continue providing services to the company for the foreseeable future.

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